Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tangle Brooch

Copper, car paint, sterling silver (oxidised), 18 k gold, st steel pin.
Copper upper plate etched by Shannon. Oxidised silver photo etched by Rebecca.

Tangle Brooch came from our studio time together last month. Shannon painted asphaltum resist on the copper plate which was then etched in nitric acid. Then I selected areas to cut out. I constructed the riveted brooch using photoetched and oxidised sterling silver. The rivets are tiny gold pins. There is a vaguely etched rainy landscape on the back.

I have saw-pierced sections of the copper to reveal the dark underlayer. "Tangle Brooch" seeks to capture the micro and multilayered mysterious world of growth and decay in the Wallum as hastened by sudden rainstorms sweeping across the open plain.

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