Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Photo Process

Taking photos in the Wallum we have been experimenting with paper backgrounds to get a better outline of the intricate leaf and branch patterns. The paper encourages the illusion that the photo is being taken against sand or sky. This photo of Twigrushes was taken at Women's Lake and you can see how I extracted the strong black and white graphic which will make an excellent etching resist.
Then there are the beautifully serrated Wallum Banksia leaves photographed rather artificially by spreading them on a sheet of white paper. Photoshopped to make positive and negative resists for etching. Someone recently commented that these patterns are reminicent of 70s wallpaper design! They are certainly bold and reductive.

Results: Two silver pieces etched with the Wallum Banksia leaf pattern.

What to do with these metal plates that are accumulating around me like loose pages from books remains an enigma.

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